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Manila and Other Top Cities with the Highest New Covid-19 Cases

Quezon City, Manila, and Pasig covered the cities with the highest number of new COVID-19 cases on Friday, according to research on Saturday, citing data from the Department of Health (DOH).

The records from the pandemic monitoring society posted on Twitter by its fellow Guido David explained that Quezon City reported 1,074 new COVID-19 problems.

The Philippines reported different cities cases:

  1. Manila: 449 
  2. Pasig: 436
  3. Davao City: 433
  4. Caloocan City: 331

The DOH showed a total of 18,659 cases on Friday, which produced the currently active states of the condition to 175,324. The research recorded that 4,498 of the latest cases occurred from Metro Manila. In total, the capital area presently has 43,832 active states of the disease.

The current number of COVID-19 in the nation is at 1.03, from the past 1.20 last week. Reproduction amount is the standard number of somebody who could be affected by one positive case.

Meantime, the seven-day average of cases from September 18 to 24 was at 17,630 with a one-week growth rate of -13 percent, from the previous -2 percent last week.

According to David, for Metro Manila, the reproduction number was at 0.97, and the one-week growth rate of incidents was at -22 percent for a seven-day average of 4,480 new.

The research earlier recorded that a downward trend of cases had been observed in the country. However, cases at the national level were performing down slower because of the rise in cases outside NCR Plus.

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