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Lipoma Cancer: Tests, treatment & complication

What is a lipoma?

A lipoma is a lump of fat that grows in the body’s soft tissues. It is a kind of tumor that can take place anywhere in the body. It is considered to be the most common tumor that can be formed within the skin. According to the study, it states that 1 person from the group of 1000 people suffers from skin disease. Most of the time such cancer is seen in the upper part of the body, thighs, or arms. 

Lipomas are cancer that can slowly develop within the body. It is believed that around 20% of every individual has been suffering from a change in body development. It is considered to be a soft, fatty, rubbery lump that is formed beneath the skin. It can move within your body but does not create any painful effect. This is one of the most common diseases that is seen between the ages group from 40 to 60 years.

Such cancer can be developed in any part of the body like:

  1. Upper back
  2. Buttocks
  3. Arms
  4. Upper thighs
  5. Shoulder

Types of Lipoma cancer 

  1. Conventional lipomas: There are considered to be a very common cancer in the category of lipomas. It adds up to the white fat mass that might take place anywhere within the body.
  2. Hibernoma: It is a rarer cancer that is non-cancerous. The color of such cancer is brown.
  3. Fibrolipoma: These cancers are considered the lump which is in different colors. 
  4. Angiolipoma: It is the rarest kind of lipoma which can lead to pain that gets to be associated along with the blood vessels. 
  5. Myelolipoma: Thi cancer is rare in its condition. It is one of the cancers that might lead to the fat cell along with the tissue increment that can lead to the formation of a blood cell. 
  6. Spindle cell: This part of lipoma cancer is painless as it does not create any pain in the body. They can cause major issues in the body leading to big ailments.
  7. Pleomorphic: Lipomas under such cancer carries fat cells that might differ in size along with shape. 
  8. Atypical: lipomas that are considered to be a non-cancerous tumor that can be responsible for forming deep cells.


What are the causes of lipoma cancer?

According to various studies from the past, the real cause of lipoma cancer is still not known. But the doctors have stated different reasons for the risks that might be associated with the increase in risk like:

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  1. Gardner syndrome: It is considered to be a condition that can lead to the non-cancerous colon).
  2. Cowden syndrome: This is a part of a non-cancerous tumor that is high at risk).
  3. Adiposis dolorosa: Being a painful situation because of which there are multiple growths of non-cancerous tumors).
  4. Madelung’s disease:  Being the rare condition in such cancer, the people or the men consuming more alcohol try to add fat within the body, and this results in such cancer.
  5. Familial cancer: It is a multiple lipomatosis cancer that occurs because of keeping rare conditions in mind. 


Lipoma cancer tests

There are certain cases in which the cancer is diagnosed by going through a simple physical examination. In case if the lipoma is large or is painful, the doctors recommend that one should go through a test to know the root cause of the illness. The tests that are suggested by the doctor are:

1. Computed Tomography(CT Scan)

2. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 

A biopsy is considered to be a procedure under which the small size fatty tissues are removed so that one can examine the sights of cancer and know the actual stage. Under this MRI the magnet waves of the radio are transferred to make it more clear and visible. Just like the MRI, CT Scan is even considered to be like a procedure that carries a different angle of the goal.

Lipoma cancer treatment

  1. Surgery: It is considered the most common way in which the lipoma can be removed through surgery. Being the most helpful way, it can help in getting away from the large skin tumor and make sure that it does not grow. At times there might be the possibility of lipomas growing back in the body, but with the help of surgery, one can make things sure.
  2. Liposuction: It is the other side of the treatment option which can help in removing the fat-based skin from the body. It adds the attachment of the large syringe that can be used in various procedures.
  3. Steroid injection: these injections are used in the affected area. With the help of such injections the lipoma can easily shrink, but it does not shrink completely.

Lipoma cancer complications might not be many, but it needs to be treated at an early stage. If all the precautions are not taken in the beginning, then it can be great trouble for the body. Skin lump cancer is rare but at the same time, ignoring it will not give up the apt result. Rather one should make sure to look for the desired resolution that can help in making the better change possible.

The skin lump cancer removal is possible only with the right set of guidance and advice that is provided by the doctor. So, one should make sure that they catch the action with communication with the expert who can help in bringing a better chance. 

Some of the added risk factors with lump cancer are:

  1. Obesity might be felt within the body at a great level. At times the body might carry a huge amount of lipoma which can develop within any part of the body.
  2. Injuries within the skin are even considered as a part within the body that might be a reason for great risk every time possible. 

So, if in case the body has a lump in it, one should not worry about, but rather get in touch with the doctor for best support.