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Follow these Hair Care Tips and Sustain the Shine in Your Locks

Irrespective of color, style, or texture of their hair, there is a single thing almost everybody wishes i.e., hair which looks like it has been through the hands of an expert every week. Whether you have thin hair, curly hair, dry hair, oily hair, or any other kind of hair, some hair care tips remain universal. By getting the right Hair care advice from professionals, you can bid adieu to your bad hair days and get that exceptional shine and luster in your tresses.

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Have a look at these major hair care tips which will permit you to begin taking better care of your locks – 

Concentrate the shampoo on your scalp – Unlike the conditioner, which must be aimed at the ends and lengths of your strands, the shampoo must be concentrated on your scalp. Do not forget that the scalp (which forms oil along with constantly shedding skin cells) is an area that requires cleansing, so while shampooing, keep the efforts aimed at your roots and scalp. 

Use protection – When it comes to the most useful Hair care expert advice, always remember to use the heat protector while drying your hair at house. Also, while drying, make sure not to hold your hairdryer extremely close to the lengths, for preventing fluffy, split ends. 

Condition properly – Skip applying the conditioner near the roots, as well as apply the same from the mid-lengths to the ends. Conditioning at your roots can end up in weighing down the hair. As far as hair tips for its application are concerned, try to distribute a conditioner through the hair with the help of your wide-toothed comb as it can assist detangle the hair. 


Only use quality hair tools – Investing in high-quality tools and products will keep your hair feeling and looking strong as well as healthy. Along with regular cleaning of the brushes, keep them free of oil, product build-up, and dead hair by washing them in the mix of warm water and baking soda monthly. 

Do not dry off using your towel – The most common Hair care advice from professionals is that although your towel might seem like an obvious way of removing excess water along with beginning to dry the hair post-shower, it might not be the best option. Instead, squeeze out the excess water along with drying off utilizing the old cotton T-shirt that is softer than the towel. 

Use the right brushing technique – To get healthy, untangled, and shiny hair, you must be brushing them twice in a day, once in the morning as well as once before going to bed, each time, for approximately a minute. Also, brushing from roots causes damage and that is why always brush from your hair’ bottom and then work up. 

In case there just is not time in your list of things to do as well as in case you would rather go for that additional 20 minutes in your bed over to wait for your keratin-rich hair mask, this is the high time for you to follow the above-mentioned simple and effective hair care tips. This way, no matter what your hair type is, your hair would not only stay healthy but you would also notice that shine back in your tresses.