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Everything You Should Know About Fatty Liver Disease

Often known as hepatic steatosis, Fatty liver occurs due to excessive accumulation of fat in the liver. The liver usually has a standard amount of fat, but when the level of fat increases due to certain reasons, the person starts to face health problems. The liver is the 2nd largest organ, serving as the important internal mechanism that processes nutrients from food and drinks and separates toxic elements from the blood. If you have a fatty liver problem, you must be facing issues like stomach inflammation. The chronic condition of the fatty liver can vitiate your liver and form scarring. In critical situations, this scarring causes liver failure. This liver condition can occur due to various lifestyle reasons. Alcoholic fatty liver disease happens when a person drinks too much alcohol and that causes the growth of fat in the liver. Not only from alcohol consumption but, other factors can also contribute to the fatty liver condition. People have the same condition even if they don't drink liquor, it is called Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Symptoms of fatty liver

There are certain cases where inmates barely sense any symptom even if they have the condition of fatty liver. However, feeling exhausted, tired, feeling discomfort, abdomen pain in the upper right side are the feasible symptoms of fatty liver. People who have a chronic illness, often are subjected to complicated health issues like liver scarring, also known as liver fibrosis. If you have critical liver fibrosis, it’s identified as cirrhosis with symptoms like yellow skin and eyes, abdominal swelling, loss of appetite, breast enlargement in men, nosebleeds, web-like clumps of blood capillaries under the skin, weakness, abdominal pain, weight loss, 

swelling of your legs, itchy skin, fatigue, confusion. Truth to be told, 

Cirrhosis is an apparently life-threatening ailment. 

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What Causes Fatty Liver?

Due to inefficient metabolization and excess gain of body fat, the condition of the fatty liver occurs. The cells of the lover tend to store extra fat and excessive fat accumulation causes fatty liver disease. The production of excessive fat is led by various causing factors. For instance, people who drink excessive alcohol can soon become a victim of this alcoholic fatty liver disease. In the case of the non-alcoholic fatty liver condition, the contributing factors are insulin resistance, excess amount of triglycerides fat in the blood, high blood sugar and obesity. Other less common reasons are- prior diagnosis with hepatitis C, pregnancy, certain medications like methotrexate, rapid weight loss, overconsumption of medical drugs like valproic acid, tamoxifen and amiodarone and finally the genetics concerns. 

Fatty Liver Treatment 

Currently there is no such medication that has been produced to cure fatty liver disease completely. However, the pharma has certain drugs to control the condition and prevent the fatty liver from developing in a more severe state. To cure the fatty liver, one can change their way of leading the lifestyle. Fatty liver treatment mostly emphasizes the betterment of lifestyle preference by limiting or stopping alcohol consumption, exceeding to control weight gain, following a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep and keeping the body sufficiently hydrated. These steps are enough to control the condition at the initial stage. But in case you are having serious health issues due to fatty liver, the gastrologist may advise you on certain medications and surgery to prevent the Cirrhosis that can lead to liver failure. In case of extreme organ failure, you have to opt for a liver transplant but that havoc surgery also depends on your physical condition whether it can survive a big life-risking surgery or not.

Fatty Liver Disease Diet 

If you are a patient of fatty liver illness, your physician might urge you to modify your diet to improve and treat the ailment and reduce your uncertainty of further complexities. For instance, you will be advised to consume a diet that’s abundant in plant-based foods. Some wholesome food for fatty liver is whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. You will be asked to curb your intake of processed carbohydrates. For example, you should avoid eating white bread, desserts, white rice, and other compressed grain products. You should also limit your eating of drenched fats mostly found in red meat and various other animal food items. The physicians also recommend dodging trans fats present in various concocted snack foods. Avoiding the drinking of alcohol should strictly be stopped during the treatment of fatty liver disease alcohol. Your gastrologist may urge you to chop calories from your diet to drop weight.


To avert a fatty liver and its possible complexities, it’s essential to obey a healthful lifestyle. Limiting or avoiding addictive liquors, maintaining sound weight, eating a nutrient-rich diet, avoiding saturated fats, trans fats, and refined carbohydrates- all the effective ways to prevent the problem. You should also take adequate steps to control various health conditions like cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglyceride levels. Try to obey your doctors' suggestions and their prescribed medication as well as treatment programs. Try to indulge in daily workouts, at least walking for 30minutes. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver disease have the potentiality to grow into a severe condition like liver cirrhosis which has fatal consequences. So it is better to follow all the safety measures and lead a wholesome lifestyle for happy endurance.