DIY Hair Color Tips – Time To Ace That New Hair Color Trend

Coloring hair on your own requires dexterity, the basic familiarity with science, and skill. Whether a person is opting for pixie-dust purple or platinum blond, there is 1 hair color rule which remains the same and is also among the best Healthy hair tips i.e., always follow directions on your dye box. Yes, it is significant to keep in mind that coloring the hair by yourself can save you a lot of bucks, but you should also know that it costs you time, often approximately 60-90 minutes, so go for it only when you have enough time.


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Have a look at the best DIY hair color tips to achieve exceptional results –

Select the right shade –

The first and foremost task for you is to opt for a hue as per the skin tone. Do you have blue eyes, hazel with green or blue flecks? You have the cool skin tone which signifies that you must opt for cool-toned shades too like beige blonde and ashy brown etc. However, if they are hazel with brown flecks, it means that you have warm-toned skin and you should go for colors such as golden brown and auburn red etc.

Perform the strand test –

Browsing through the most beneficial Healthy hair tips while dying the hair on your own? Try out the strand test. For making sure that you have opted for the correct shade, check it out on a smaller area before doing it on the entire head. The simplest way is by gathering a tiny hair section above the ear (where nobody will view it) and then leave the color on for at least 15 minutes. Then, check out the results in natural light.

Purchase 2 boxes –

In case your tresses are past the shoulders, or extremely coarse and shoulder-length, utilize 2 boxes of similar shade for ensuring complete coverage. Just ensure to mix dyes in a plastic bowl or glass as the metal one will oxidize your dye causing it to change the color.

Prep your locks –

One of the most important Healthy hair tips to follow, while dying, is making sure that your tresses are well combed before starting the procedure to avoid tangles. Always begin with your locks combed into the general style. Then, it will be easier for you to ace the color on the top before you move to your hair underneath its first layer. Also, make sure to put on an old shirt while dyeing your hair so that you don’t have to pull it over your head at the time of rinsing.

Yes, it can be tough to stay comfortable during the hair coloring procedure on your own. However, with some subtle adjustments and practice, you can perfect the technique to a point where you achieve predictable results again and again. Just make sure that you are comfortable, do not have any major time limit, as well as have everything you require, and you are good to go.

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